Hydraulic Disc Brake Maintenance

Your trailers hydraulic disc brakes, if maintained correctly, will be trouble free and give you long service. Where brakes are fitted to boat trailers, and are subjected to immersion in salt water, regular maintenance is critical especially if the trailer is left un-used for a period of time.

Trailer brakes are also subjected to much greater wear and tear than the tow vehicles brakes. Brake pads for example, may require replacing on a regular basis depending on the trailer usage and the loads carried.

Check the brake pads for wear on a regular basis. The pads should be replaced when the friction material has worn to no less than 3mm in thickness.

While there are no greasing points on the callipers, periodic lubrication of the 2 slide pins is required. This is best done when replacing the brake pads.

Where the brakes are fitted to a boat trailer, they must be hosed down with fresh water after immersion in salt water and it is recommended that they be given a full service every year.

Wheel bearings need to be checked for excessive play or noise on a regular basis (see above), again especially on boat trailers. If the bearings are re-packed with fresh grease and adjusted from time to time, they will give you long life. The grease seals also need to be checked and if necessary replaced.

Apart from greasing the main shaft, the override coupling needs little maintenance. Check for wear or damage regularly. On boat trailers, it is advisable to renew the brake fluid when servicing the callipers as the fluid can become contaminated from moisture and cause internal rusting and seizure of the brake components.

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