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The diagram is the New Zealand standard for the 7 Pin Flat trailer plug used on Prescott Trailers. *Pins 2 and 5 are not used on our standard range of trailers.
GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) should never be exceeded and it is also recommended to follow the limits on the towing vehicles towbar. The towing vehicle capacity is the determining factor on how much load should be towed on the trailer.
Your trailer should be connected to your towing vehicle on a flat surface and with the vehicles hand brake on. Before starting work on cleaning or adjusting your trailers bearings, ensure you have the following items:- Rags, Cleaning Solvent, Pliers,…
Over the years, design changes have been made to the spring setup on Prescott Trailers. If you require replacement springs for your trailer, we either require a sample spring to measure and order from.
Your trailers hydraulic disc brakes, if maintained correctly, will be trouble free and give you long service. Where brakes are fitted to boat trailers, and are subjected to immersion in salt water, regular maintenance is critical especially if the trailer…
To ensure that you get many years of useful trouble-free life out of your new trailer, it is wise to spend some time doing regular maintenance as well as following simple basic commonsense rules.
Important points to follow when towing trailers:- All trailer loads must be securely tied down. It is illegal to tow a trailer when the load being carried is not correctly secured. Never overload your trailer, check your towing vehicle load capacity and…


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