Trailer Maintenance

To ensure that you get many years of useful trouble-free life out of your new trailer, it is wise to spend some time doing regular maintenance as well as following simple basic commonsense rules.

  • Always wash your trailer down after carrying any acidic or alkaline materials, ie, grass clippings, fertiliser, cement based materials, etc. The zinc coating on your trailer will be destroyed with prolonged contact with acidic or alkaline materials.
  • Always wash your trailer after excessive exposure to salt water and salt laden wind. Salt deposits will shorten the life of the zinc coating and your trailer.
  • Apply a little general purpose grease to your tow-ball on a regular basis.
  • Before embarking on a long journey with your trailer, check tyre pressures and look for signs of wear of damage.
  • Regularly clean all lights and reflectors and check that all lights are working correctly.
  • Jack the trailer up and spin the wheels. Listen for any rumbling noises or rough rotation which could indicate worn wheel bearings.
  • With the trailer jacked up, firmly grasp each tyre and check for movement side to side as well as top to bottom. If any movement is felt, the bearing will need to be re-seated. (See section on Wheel bearings)
  • Depending on your trailer usage, wheel bearings should be maintained and lubricated at least every 12 months (See section on Wheel bearings).
  • If you have an Tandem oscillating trailer, check that there is no excessive slop or movement within the oscillator centre post and the spring hangers. Contact Prescott Trailers if excessive movement is present.
  • Always keep the trailers warrant of fitness up to date.


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